Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blackbirds and Resolutions

Blackbirds land in the
arms of winter-bare trees like
thoughts in open minds.
© 2012 Fiauna Lund

What are you thinking about today?
I'm thinking that I already failed on one of my New Year's resolutions--and I don't particularly care.

I resolved that every day I would list one thing I must do, on thing I should, and one thing I want to do, and then do them. I have been faithful in making my list every morning. The problem comes when, by noon, what seemed important at dawn gets pushed aside.

And yesterday nothing was more important than getting my son transferred out of a classroom headed by a bully whose agenda it is to brazenly assault the fledgling testimonies of the seventh-grade minds put in his care when they are only beginning to explore the border-less fields of Faith.

Yeah, protecting my child's impressionable mind put my plans to update the bank book on hold for an afternoon. And today I'm wrestling with the unfinished items on yesterday's list.

Flexibility is key in parenting--and resolutions, I suppose. Who knew?

1 comment:

Sue said...

Love your quote, Fiauna, along with the photo that accompanies it.

And yes, motherhood does require a whole lot of flexibility!