Monday, January 2, 2012

And the Winner is . . .

  • Mary Rubow--a signed copy of In the Twilight.
  • Heidi L. Murphy and Melissa Pearl--abalone shell necklaces similar to those in the book.
  • Cindy Hogan, Diana (Lady of Narnia), and Elizabeth Mueller--glow-in-the-dark wristbands.

All winners were randomly selected on I will email each winner to get mailing addresses. Thanks to all for participating! And remember, you can always get a copy at

Now that the Debutante Ball is finished, I am looking forward to some "regular" blogging. I used to be really good at blogging. And by that I mean that I used to do it regularly, as in at least weekly. Then, sometime around two years ago, I kind of drifted away from blogging. With the start of a new year I'd like to renew my blogging passion. I miss the connections I made while spilling my guts in cyberspace.
So, for the year 2012, I am issuing myself a challenge: to blog weekly for an entire year. I will be using my daughter's little box of writing prompts to spur my imagination and hopefully my writing genius.

Other resolutions for the year include reading and writing one hour every day (hard to believe I don't do this already, but I can be kind of a slacker at times); drinking less soda and more water; praying more; and accomplishing three things a day: one thing I must do, one thing I should do, and one thing I want to do. Wish me luck. I hope this year I stick to my resolutions.

How about you? What are your resolutions this year?


Elizabeth Mueller said...

WOOOHOO! Congratulations, Heidi, Melissa, Cindy, Diana and me--how exciting is that??? ;)

Happy New Year, Fiauna! *hugs*

Sue said...

I'm glad you'll be blogging again. I've missed you!


PS. Got your book from Amazon a couple of days ago and liked it just as much the second time around. In fact, I just loaned it to my daughter!